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This card was included in the Sword & Shield expansion with artwork by Shigenori Negishi, first released in the Japanese Shield expansion. It was reprinted as a Full Art Secret card in the Vivid Voltage expansion with different artwork by PLANETA Mochizuki, first released in the Japanese Legendary Heartbeat subset. The Sword & Shield print, alongside a new print with artwork by nagimiso featuring the Shiny version of Oranguru, were included in the Japanese Shiny Star V subset. The Shiny print was later included in the Shining Fates expansion. The Sword & Shield print was reprinted, alongside a Full Art Secret card with artwork by Akira Komayama featuring Sina, in the Japanese VMAX Climax subset. The Full Art Secret print was later included in the Brilliant Stars expansion.


Language: English 

Card #: TG12/TG30

Type: TGC (Brilliant Stars)

Condition: NM/M

Year: 2022

Pokémon Card English - Oranguru Character Rare


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