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What payment methods are accepted?

Customers can now pay with all major credit cards, LAYBUY and Paypal.

How much is shipping?

Shipping is $7 tracked and well protected.

Rural addresses is $10.

Singles shipping is $3.50

All Single cards are shipped sleeved and toploaded.

Shipping is limited to NZ only unless organised otherwise.


We have similar shipping compared to other online services. Whilst ensuring that cards, packs and boxes are authentic, fresh, and not weighed.

Are your cards authentic?

All cards sold from CardbankTCG are real and authentic. As dedicated collectors, we would never sell fake cards.

What do we do if I want something but it is out of stock?

All products can be imported as needed, dependent on demand.

We have multiple suppliers for single cards and sealed products,

If there is something special you want that isn't in stock, then feel free to contact us and we will promptly respond to your request.


What are Pokémon cards and why should I buy from your site?

Pokémon cards have been around since 1996, starting in Japan before making it’s way across the world.

Pokémon cards are still extremely popular today and continue to pave the way for trading card games.

Thank you for buying from CardbankTCG, please know that you are supporting a local business as well as fellow collectors and Pokémon enthusiasts.

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